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I wanted to take some time to speak without bias about industries where you cannot work from home.  One in particular requires you to travel throughout the day to different homes.  No bias here.  Let’s hear from an expert on the industry.

Common HVAC problems Encountered by Homeowners in Pearland, Texas written by: An HVAC Expert

Common culprits that call for HVAC repair in Pearland, Texas:


Your HVAC is a complicated system with many interworking parts. With so many moving parts, it is likely that you will need repair at some point. Most homeowners are no stranger to common HVAC related problems. These problems can be very frustrating to repair, even if you know what the problem is and can access it easily. You need a professional who has the expertise and skills to fix the problem without any mishaps.



Here, we will discuss some of the common HVAC problems encountered by homeowners.



Dirty air filters:


The role of air filters is to keep the indoor air clean by removing dust, pollen and other allergens from the circulating air. With usage, dirt can accumulate on air filters, thereby causing the HVAC system to work harder to pull air through the system. This reduces the efficiency of your unit and results in increased utility bills. Therefore, it is necessary to change the air filters and clean the air ducts every six months depending upon your usage.



Broken thermostat:

Also known as the brain of the HVAC unit, thermostat plays an important function in keeping your home comfortable and cozy. A thermostat tells the furnace what to do and when to do it. A malfunctioning thermostat is unable to maintain the required temperature in the house. It also affects the efficiency level of the thermostat, and results in increased electricity bills. In case the thermostat is broken, you need to get it replaced by a professional HVAC company in Pearland, Texas.




Blower fan problems:


The function of blower fan is to push the warm air from the heat exchanger into your ductwork. There are several problems that can arise with your blower fan, including worn fan belts, bent or loose fan blades, dry ball bearings and motor issues. Most of these blower fan related issues are identified during annual servicing and maintenance.


Leaking refrigerant:


Refrigerant is used to cool the air conditioning is used. In case of any leaks, there might be complete loss of cold air. This will not just keep the room warm and comfortable but also affecting the functioning of condenser. Continuing to operate the system without required levels of refrigerant or Freon gas can cause the condenser to break down. This HVAC problem requires immediate attention by expert HVAC technicians.




Worn contractor:


Contractors are basically devices that make the electrical connections within the unit. Your HVAC unit comprises of three contractors- each one for compressor, blower motor and condenser fan motor. Due to the effect of overtime arching and pitting on contractors, the electric current may not be able to pass through the contractors to start the motor. This can lead to difficult start-ups.



General wear and tear:


Regular wear and tear of heating and air conditioning system is a part of life, and these worn out mechanical parts can affect the normal functioning of your furnace. Therefore, it is necessary to get the system checked and serviced regularly by a professional HVAC company in Pearland, Texas.


Want an awesome work at home business?

If you are looking for a way of income which would allow you to be your own boss without the need to go to an office, then you should consider starting your own home business. In this article I am going to take you through some of the most innovative work at home business ideas which would provide you with more than a basic sustenance and allow you your desired flexibility.

Bed and Breakfast: If you have a bit of extra space in your house then you can consider converting your guest room into a “bed and breakfast” room. This easy home business would be more appropriate for those who live near a tourist destination. There are a host of sites on the internet which would allow you to find paid hosting opportunities.

Blogging: If you have a creative bent of mind then you can find a subject of your choice and start a site dedicated to that topic. You can choose to go for a WordPress blog or the free version of the Blogger and soon start to monetize your blog. All you need to do is get hold of a computer and an internet connection and start writing anything and everything about the topic of your choice. Hosting a blog will cost you less than $12 per year and you can turn it into a profitable business if you are good at what you are doing.

Childcare: Caring for little children also comes with a great potential for money making. In order to get into this business one needs to have a love for kids along with infinite patience and energy. You just need to gather some positive referrals from friends and family and promote your business on Craigslist and Facebook.  Keeping an eye on a number of kids over the weekend can add a great deal to your monthly income.

Freelance Writer: You need not have a Master’s degree in Literature to become a freelance writer. If you love to write then you can turn it into a source of living. There are freelance jobsites like, and which acts as job boards for freelance writers. Your writings skills are going to improve with time and once you have been freelancing in a site for a few months you will have many positive testimonials and writing samples which would help you get better money packages in the future.

Baking: If you have an artistic touch and a knack for baking then baking birthday cakes and decorating them could be a very exciting business prospect for you.

Cosmetic Sales: This popular social business is a great tool of making an extra income from home.

Amateur DJ: If you have a deep passion for music and an inexhaustible collection of tunes then you can consider becoming a part time DJ. First try our hands playing at local birthday parties and weddings and slowly build up your skill. Once you gain a few useful contacts you can be sure to make a considerable sum at the end of every month.

Another way to get into the work at home lifestyle is to offer your service to someone in your local community but explain your wish to work out of your house. Just last week, a guy told me he was doing this as a bookkeeper for a local carpet cleaner and that he couldn’t be happier. It’s been about 6 months, so definitely past the honeymoon stage. If you’re interested, try it out.

Four hints followed by four more

Generating money through your own ideas is something which has a potential to give you feeling of content from within. Business gives you ownership, control and money and operating business through home is like double icing on a cake. The best part about business at home is that you don’t have to do a major investment.  Take a look at its other attractions.

  1. FLEXIBILITY: Working from home gives you high level of flexibility. It is because you can manage your timings accordingly and do full justice to all your chores.
  2. COMFORTABLE: The comfort zone is reflected in the performance. Working from home makes it easy for you to operate the work. When you are comfortable and at ease of doing the work then you shall surely deliver unmatchable performance.
  3. SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT: it is very crucial to maintain a balance between home and work. In this race of managing many times some critical factors are ignored. But work at home business soothes the way due to which you become the master of your life and this gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  4. SOLE CONTROL: As you are managing the operations of the business, you enjoy sole control over the working of your business. You can handle all the complaints and look for its best solution. This also facilitates quick decision making.

Some of the businesses which you can pursue at your home are as follows, but don’t forget you can also build a business focused on improving the homes of others like our friend and business partner up in Spring, Texas who has a very successful roofing company. For a more robust list with ideas custom made just for your reading pleasure keep scrolling down:

  1. CAKE MAKING: If you have interest in baking and have artistic touch then you can supply the beautifully decorated cakes on orders. You can simply collaborate with the bakery shops as well as invite personal orders to make themed cakes. It can be a very good source of earning income as you can work with whole interest.
  2. FLOWER ARRANGING: no party decorations complete without flowers. Flowers have such a huge demand in the market. So if you have a lawn area where you can grow flowers then this business can be highly lucrative. Cater to the needs of local audience by delivering the flowers and the decorated items made from flower such as invitation cards etc.
  3. KNITTING AND WEAVING: If you have a skill in your hands then there is a wonderful option to try your luck in knitting and weaving. Weaving the clothes using colorful threads and making beautiful patterns increase the beauty of any cloth. Hand knitted woolen clothes are warm than those knitted with the help of machines. Therefore there is high demand of hand woven and knitted clothes. You can gradually heed towards export of these clothes as it has huge international demand.
  4. REPAIRING SERVICES: If you have learnt to carry out repairing works then it can turn into your fruitful business. Repairing electrical items can pay you much. To establish this line of business you can collaborate with some agencies and offices that are in regular need of electricians besides carrying out your own practice.

Thus you have power in your hands to make a very good living by working through home towards your self generated and practiced ideas.

A shout out to those who make it on their own

The Business Of Working From Home

The business world is changing as more and more employers are looking to hire employees who work directly from home. Working from home or telecommuting gives employees the benefit of cutting out a daily commute that sucks up gasoline, gives more schedule flexibility and allows the employee to stay in the comfort of their own home instead of the traditional nine to five grind.

Many work from home jobs are offered to those with experience in the field, but others who have jumped on the work from home trend are also working for themselves. Self-employed businesses are booming whether it is selling wraps, nutritional supplements, providing tutoring online, freelance writing or online consulting. Technology has allowed the possibilities of reaching out to a global market truly endless.

So, what are some of the most popular, easily accessible jobs for someone who is interested in working from home?

Customer service

Various companies, big and small offer customer service representative positions for those who are looking to start an in home office. The positions range from entry level with a period of online training to experienced customer service management positions. Either way, if you wish to work from home in customer service positions are offered seasonally, part time and full time. All you need is a working computer, a head set and a quiet place to work, stay organized and provide the best support possible for incoming product inquiries.

Freelance work

From writing to filming freelance opportunities are a great way to work for yourself and accept projects that are most fitting to your abilities on your own time. Writing articles, blogs, reviews and content is great work benefiting web developers who are selling a product or promoting their own businesses. A great entrepreneur will always find a way to create customers. A good case study to prove the point would be the incredible successes so many startups have had in Houston, where oil and gas dominates, but other local businesses flourish as well.

Photography and filming

Couples, families, working professionals and businesses are constantly on the lookout for professional photographers for personal or professional use. With the right training and equipment you can accept jobs locally for weddings, family sessions, infants and newborns, head shots or take photos for real estate at your own leisure.


Do you have a degree or a load of experience in a certain profession? Perhaps you can provide essential business consulting or become a life coach for those struggling to promote and enhance their personal and business lives. Through Skype, telephone sessions and emailing consulting can become a great income for those with the right experience.

Sales representative

Become a brand rep or sales representative for cosmetics, nail wraps, body wraps, nutritional supplements, essential oils among the many multilevel marketing campaigns that exist today. Becoming a personal sales representative allows those who want to build their careers marketing and selling products they believe in to those who seek out a way to better their own lives. Start a community of followers and assist others in their business journey by partnering instead of competing.

What’s it all about?

I just got home from the bank with my two sons, and it’s a beautiful day to be alive. I was reflecting a bit on some of the things I’ve tried to do to earn an income online, mostly because I just finished depositing some money into a new business bank account that happens to be ballooning because I finally found something that works.


Here’s a quick rundown of the thoughts that were scurrying from brain cell to brain cell, and how I’ve logically come to justify my journey thus far:

You see, I first started trying to make money online about a decade ago, when I had some free time during a short stint in professional baseball. I had gotten injured, so I was sidelined for a few months with shoulder surgery, and had a daily routine of going to physical rehab, going to the beach, working out rigorously, and surfing the Internet. With several free hours in the day, I started to dabble in selling some products on eBay. After setting up my first online store in an attempt to sell walkie-talkies to a bunch of avid hunters all over the country, I started reading up on a series of different opportunities to drive traffic to my eBay store. Sounded great to me… After all, more traffic would equal more sales, right?

I should probably fast-forward quite a bit because once you look into one channel of how to drive traffic to your website, any of you have done it before know that you can spend literally hours upon hours, and days upon days getting lost in the never ending maze of get rich quick schemes and scams from self-made millionaires to scoundrels in sweatpants.

My next attempt at earning an income was from an e-book that I bought claiming to teach me exactly how affiliate marketers can make an income by making small commissions on every product they promote and sell for someone else.

Sounded great, didn’t work.

At least not for me.

Then, I started putting a lot more energy into my day job which was focused on helping large companies improve the productivity of their employees, in order to ultimately create more value for the customers. I worked with some incredibly smart people, and learned more about business in a few short years than I had during the few decades that preceded.

But, my attempts at building an at home business were sort of a secondary thought (if not non-existent).

After having chatted with several friends of mine who I trust and are doing very entrepreneurial things themselves, such as owning their own businesses or executing high dollar consulting engagements, I was inspired once again to find something to pour my energy into that would ultimately be a truly genuine business opportunity, not something I’d have to hide from friend and family (like affiliate marketing someone else’s e-book).

That’s when I came across a few business opportunity reviews that truly caught my attention. They were different for several reasons.

First of all, there was a video about a guy who had earned quite a nice living in the last six or seven years helping local business owners find more customers. Not only did the business model intrigue me, but I was amazed at how transparent the message was with the guy flat out telling me everything he did in a YouTube video online, very different than all of the other faceless websites that had no actual human being showing who they were.

The other thing interested me was the fact that the business model of driving customers to local businesses was very much in alignment with what I had been hoping to do for quite some time. I have spent a lot of time helping large companies accelerate revenue results, and it was always in the back of my mind that I’d really like to help smaller businesses accelerate their sales results as well, using my own set of capabilities rather than simply relying on the employer that signed my paycheck.

Little did I know, though, how much I had to learn in order to help small businesses dominate the competition in their local markets. Good thing the mentors I decided to work with on this model mapped out an entire end-to-end learning strategy that blows any “traditional training course” out of the water.

I will fast forward to the end of the story in the interest of time, but over the last six months, I have learned more about how to generate sales leads for local businesses and essentially get their phones to ring more than I could have ever dreamed.

The results of these recent efforts come in the form of monthly checks, from businesses that are now receiving a healthy dose of (legal) steroid injections into their company’s revenue stream.

For more details, please comment below, or feel free to check back to this blog as I continue to update my journey.

Thanks for reading!